Building a Simple + Sustainable Sales Plan
 – Step by Step Simple Instructions –
Digital Presentation
 with a Sales Plan Template + Tools to Execute


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Use for Team Training – Sales Meetings – On-Boarding New Reps.
All tools included to execute as ONE or MANY.

In this 90 minute digital workshop I outline a sustainable and simple sales plan to help an individual or a team deliver sustainable results quickly and over time leveraging a simple process that works in large as well as smaller companies. Includes sales tools, a simple sales plan template scripting and formatting documents.

You can review and use as many times as you like and at your leisure.

I identify and breakdown into simple components a selling plan by defining the structure, identifying the tools, outline how to use a simple sales plan template as well as key tactics to improve sales results.


  • Sales Audit– Identify and focus on key prospects and customers
  • A Qualification Funnel – To provide accurate Account and Prospect Ranking
  • Sales Pipeline Development using a simple sales plan template
  • Word and Script Development – The appropriate words to accounts/prospects along a structured selling pipeline
  • Building a CRM with sales plan template. (Customer Relationship Management Tool)
  • Selling tools and specific strategies (cold calls, voice mail, etc.)
  • Objection and Questioning
  • Additional Resources

What you will receive:

  • A sales plan that you can implement immediately
  • How you can build or repair an existing foundation
  • Tools to better manage activities and define next steps
  • Works for One or for a team
  • See account/prospects “stucks” and take corrective action
  • Ability to identify areas of future skills improvement

Sales Tools

  • A simple sales plan template
  • How to build an effective Elevator statement and Value Proposition
  • Scripting and Structure Outline and sample scripts
  • Spreadsheets Account Management for Importing into a CRM
  • Spreadsheet for weekly metrics reporting and management
  • 50 Probing Outline with open ended questions
  • Pipeline and Ranking outline
  • Note outline of the presentation

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