Bob Davis is principal of simple.sales.strategy based in Austin, Texas. Prior to launching his consulting practice in 2006, Bob held VP and National VP positions for Consolidated Graphics, Cenveo and successful independent manufacturing firms. Bob does not have any fancy degrees except the ones earned daily from experience and results for his clients.

In his practice Bob brings 27 years of sales experience, executive sales management and street proven strategies that drive results. Bob has guided sales teams with a simple measurable process that creates sustainable results, supporting them with creation of letters, scripts, emails, accountability and practical strategies to move prospects to customers, existing accounts to growth and marginal accounts to improved profitability.

Simple Success
Our services are a custom blended mix of proven processes, strategies, coaching, new technologies and a collaborative mix of new and old idea supported by enthusiastic presentations, workshops, coaching and support.

We create a custom plan for your company, your market, your goals and the personality of your company. We support this plan through implementation, measurement, execution, coaching, structured accountability and work sessions that create measurable results.

Two Steps to Engage at NO Risk.

Step 1 – If you feel that you could benefit from my service, please email or call me and provide me with some information on your company. I will do preliminary research. If I feel I can add value to your business we go to Step 2 below.

Step 2 – I will schedule a NO risk – NO cost meeting to help us both understand HOW e x a c t l y I can add value to your business. If you choose to hire me after that conversation you ONLY pay for my services AFTER they are competed and only AFTER you are completely satisfied. No long term retainers and fully guaranteed.

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