Lets face it. Sales is simple. There is not a lot to it really. Another bold statement possibly? Then why are so few really good at it? If I were to really get down with it and ask “”What is sales?” I would answer:

It is about whom you are speaking to, what you are saying and when.

Say the right things to the wrong person or say the wrong things to the right person, say it at the wrong time or not often enought and my bet is that you are not getting the results you would like.

So how do you fix that? You could reach out to the high priced process engineers, sales gurus, spin meisters, formula sellers and get results for the short term or do more of the same and expect a different result.

How about a sustainable and affordable solution with measurable results?

That is what I do. I help you build a sustainable, scalable, cost efficient sales plan. It starts with a simple look at your business. What is working, what is not, clones of your best accounts, qualified key prospects, most grow-able existing accounts and why, distilling these prospects into a ranking and a sales pipeline from suspect to closing … the WHO.

From that information we develop the content in the form of an elevator statement, value proposition and call scripts that support the sales activity and the value of your business. Then we prepare to deliver our message with content, case studies, probing questions and objection handling….  the WORDS.

WHEN do we say it? Answer. Often. Most buyers buy after 7-9 “impressions” of you and your brand and most reps quit at…. guess?…. Three!

We then wrap it into an effective cost efficient tool to manage all of these assets. From there it is continuing to improve on the process, providing coaching and tools for the “gaps” in skill sets and message that leverages the power of your team. Cost efficient and effective.

If you are not now doing this consistently and effectively across your team and would like an affordable solution to this challenge, call me. I will dedicate an hour with you at no cost, no obligation.

Simple and Sustainable Improvement.

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