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My Printing Sales background comes from managing sales teams for most of my career in the graphic communication business. I count as some of my best friends and clients, owners of commercial printing businesses. Since I have direct specific industry knowledge and experience in this industry, it is natural that I engage in this space.

print.sales.strategy follows the same exact structure of simple.sales.strategy leveraging that experience.

My Print Bio

Bob Davis was the Vice President of Sales at Consolidated Graphics, Inc. In that capacity, he developed and implemented national account strategy and processes for CGX. In an active role he supported over 18 locations in 6 regions creating significant National Account revenue. In 2003 Bob negotiated and closed the largest single commercial print agreement for CGX with Novation, the industry’s leading health care GPO.

Davis has significant experience managing sales teams, executing processes as well as developing new markets for industry leading firms including successful and nationally known independents, L.P Thebault Company, Strine Printing Company.

Bob believes that this is a very exciting time in the industry that change and opportunity come hand in hand and a significant shift is in process as we define opportunities “beyond the print”.

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