Do this one thing, FIVE times this week and voila… More Money!

What is the one thing that you can do to improve your sales pipeline and even add an order or three to your sales efforts this week? It is Sales 101 stuff but we tend to forget the power of… Tada!


 I do this with my clients at the end of every quarter and they get orders. Yes, ORDERS as in PO’s, Billings, and Invoices. You know, those things that buy the baby new shoes.

Here is what you do in THREE simple steps.
(Email me or go to “tools” on my website if you would like a script)

  1. Make a list of your top, most favored or strongest relationship based customers.
  2. CALL them up (don’t email) and
    1. Thank them for the business and the relationship
    2. Ask them who they know that might be a good referral for you *
    3. Ask them if it is OK to use their name
    4. Take notes
  3. Call the referral and mention the person who gave you the referral, use your intro script, value proposition, handle any objections and BAM! New qualified prospect and in some cases, ORDERS. (See definition above!)

* Bonus. Use LinkedIn to see who they are connected to. This can prime the pump.

REFERRALS on Steroids
Okay you say “That’s cool but EXACTLY how do I do that?” Or if you are saying I really don’t have an intro script or a value proposition and I struggle with effectively handling objections then you might want to get with me.  If you want to put this tactic on steroids you will need a practiced plan and a structure for the call. But the truth is even if you wing it, you will be doing positive, high return sales activities that can increase your sales.

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a simple sales plan

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