Sales Consulting Detail

  • Create a Simple, Manageable and Results Driven Sales Process
  • Market Analysis by Providing an Objective and Experienced Based Overview
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Distinctive and Consistent Messaging – (elevator statement, value proposition, email, letter, phone scripts)
  • Leveraging Existing Relationships to Create New Product Offerings
  • Delivering an Effective Message through Practice and RolePlaying
  • Team Building
  • Specific Corrective Action
  • Assessments
  • Product to Solution Sales
  • Developing Well Managed and Creative Sales Teams
  • Creating and Capitalizing on Strategic Value
  • Creating a Customer Centric Organization
  • Contract Sales Hires

Due Diligence

Beginning with a structured due diligence, adapting best practices supported by a proven sales process, implementing training and accountability meetings supported by flexible coaching, team building, open communication, simple.sales.strategy brings measurable results to the top and bottom line. We start at 30,000′ by looking at.

Short Term Strategy

New business opportunities within core disciplines by:

  • Identifying and developing strategies in existing accounts.
  • Identifying and developing strategies for new growth business in your market (i.e. fastest growing companies, competitors top 10 accounts)
  • Creating a list of value added services that support these accounts and prospects defining new opportunities.
  • Identifying and developing strategies for geographic or product expansion.

Mid Term Strategy

To systematically reposition your company from a “transactional” sales organization to one providing “program” solutions.

Long Term Strategy

To research and begin positioning your company for the new generation of growth and business utilizing opportunities in expansion of opportunities.

Existing Business

  • Most- Growable
  • Contractual opportunities (support)
  • Growth of “out of the box” opportunities
  • Seasonal/regional/specialties opportunities

New Business

  • Key Prospect (7 touch goal)
  • Largest (Owned or shared by the competition)
  • Fastest Growing
  • Old customers
  • Competitors Top 10

Tool Identification and Creation of a Sales Plan Template

  • Contact Managment
  • Ranked A-D
  • Defined by a pipeline

Goal Setting

  • Strengths and weaknesses addressed
  • Training based on knowledge obtained as individual

Reporting Capabilities

  • Monthly progress report for management.

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Bob Davis is the founder and president of simple.sales strategy in Austin, TX providing effective sales training and support to small and medium size businesses and individuals by building an effective, simple and proven systematic sales process that is scalable, sustainable and sane.
He can be reached at 512.658.9500 or

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