Sales Teams for Hire

Sales Teams for Hire!

We do something a little unique. One of the challenges for SMB’s in developing a sales team is knowing and controlling the costs, commission plans, assessments, training and when or if the rep is going to make it. We can take a significant amount of the risk OUT. Here’s how.

Upon review of your needs, we offer contract sales hiring and placement services. We recruit, interview and test candidates at no cost or risk. Upon agreement on a candidate, we will hire the candidate on a contract basis. We will pay, train and coach throughout the 90 days as agreed upon. You have the option to request a new candidate at any point in the first 90 days. After 90 days the candidate will convert as an employee to you at terms that you agree. A recruitment fee on first year’s base salary will be invoiced upon hire. Sales assessments are required.

Our program nets out significantly lower than traditional recruitment fees. The real value is that you have a trained rep ready to go and by following our process and training, we will together know if the rep is going to make the cut much earlier than traditional on-boarding and training processes. We do not do recruiting separate from training. Our training determines the success along with conscious recruitment.

Please call or email me if this makes sense to you and we can discuss the total costs and value.

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