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Using simple.sales.strategy, our team has truly experienced adding another partner.  Bob’s help in defining our process, getting clarity on how we become more productive, and tracking these efforts has been highly beneficial.  What is more important is our team has learned to think differently about our process, and Bob’s strategies work across a myriad of industries – we are just so happy that he wanted to help with our challenges in our particular area of expertise.

Bill Cariker, CFP® CIMA® Senior Vice President Financial Consultant RBC Wealth Management Austin, Texas

Bob Davis has been a tremendous help to Denim Group.  His perspective, coupled with his focused sales strategy, help clarify our sales processes and better focus our prospecting efforts.  He had direct financial impact to our company, and became a trusted advisor over his tenure working with our sales team.  I’d highly recommend Bob to growing companies looking to grow even more quickly!

John B. Dickson, CISSP Principal Denim Group San Antonio, Texas

Bob has been incredible to work with. Over the past year Bob has provided invaluable advice and coaching for our Sales Team at ProjecTools.  He has helped us with recruiting and screening sales candidates. He has also helped us implement a CRM system and sales pipeline where we had no system before. He is dependable, trustworthy and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend Bob and simple.sales.strategy for anyone looking to improve their sales process.

Jerry Morgan CEO and Chief Software Architect ProjecTools.com, Inc. Bellville, Texas

Our major sales challenge was managing and focusing our dispersed sales team. In engaging simple.sales.strategy and Bob we developed tools, process and strategy that enabled us to focus on our best opportunities and scale our team. Bob helped us get a clear picture of where we stood and has been a tremendous value to our organization.

Jeffry Schneider Director of Capital Development Virtus Real Estate Investments, LLC Austin, Texas

We have been working with Bob for the past year.   Bob has implemented a process for us that is clear, concise, and appropriate for our business.  I am convinced that Bob’s talents and processes will improve any sales team in any business.  If you are looking to improve your sales team, Bob Davis will make that happen.

Dennis Hobbs Managing Partner Texas Star Investment Group Austin, Texas

“As the owners of a growing start-up, we were stymied by the sales process. I know my offering inside and out, but had no sales training or experience. Bob’s Sales Boot Camp was a game changer. First I learned about the steps in selling – from a very successful sales guy. The steps helped me visualize what needed to happen for a successful sale and helped us get our list of customers ranked and scored – this leads to the second part of the course. Bob reinforced the value of a well-qualified potential customer and said that while sales may be a numbers game, it isn’t about dialing for dollars – it is about the quality of the potential customer. His approach focuses on making sure that you know which potential customers are worth the effort of calling – loved that. Third, the Boot Camp helped me understand what to focus on as we bring salespeople on… invaluable. Just sign up and go…all you have to do is pay attention and apply what you learn.”

Deborah L. Kerr, PhD Partner affintus llc

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