Most successful business owners have a good handle on their assets versus liabilities, but some don’t consider that their most important asset is people. For the purpose of this post it is your sales people.

If you’re not making right investments in your people (especially sales), they can quickly be moved to that liability column, and you can’t afford that. From a human capital perspective, time is of the essence.

Usually, when I perform assessments on sales teams, I explore the areas of resistance, and time management is always at the top of the list. So how do you measure and maximize time? Evaluate your sales tools – CRM systems like ZOHOcrm and Salesforce are great because they come with built with a ranking systems– pipeline, tasks, assets, reminders. It is simple to build your own measurements in the pipeline.

These tools allow sales people to make the calls, note the actions, send emails that are linked to a asset library, and set reminders. I call this the “RONCO” effect – “Set It and Forget It” and move on to the next task. CRM systems also allow you to review the sales process as it happens so you can pinpoint areas of resistance and fix the problems accordingly.

Review your Call Scripts – A practice around scripting can improve results drastically. Developing a series of call scripts that support the value your company brings to the market. Practice and consistency build confidence and erode resistance, and allows you to consistently improve on your message based on real world results.

Set Goals – Setting goals is important in keeping your sales people on track. Set a number of calls per day, target numbers of introductions per day, and numbers of appointments per week. Also pay attention to the number of quotes per month. It’s not necessarily a numbers game, but goal setting and tracking is the only way to understand real world results.

Ensure that your sales people are taking advantage of the Selling Window – If it all starts with a call, you obviously need to call when you have a high probability of reaching the prospect. So if reps are doing administration functions between 8:30 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 5:00 you are likely not going to get the results. Stop that. Protect the window.

There are many more tools and strategies, but it’s important to understand that your most valuable asset is time, and what activities and tracking mechanisms you apply is the most important first steps.

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Bob Davis is the President of simple.sales.strategy in Austin, TX providing sales training and holding sales people accountable to a proven, systematic sales system. He can be reached at 512.658.9500 or