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DIGITAL Sales Training Plan Download
Build a Simple + Sustainable Sales Plan

 – Step by Step Simple Instructions –
Digital Presentation with Tools to Execute
100 % Guaranteed – Doesn’t work for you – 100% Refund

Use for your Team Training – Sales Meeting – On-boarding New Reps.
All tools included to execute as ONE or MANY.

This is a sustainable and simple sales strategy and plan to help an individual or a team deliver sustainable results quickly and over time leveraging a simple process that works in large as well as smaller companies. Includes sales tools, scripting and formatting documents.

Includes sales tools, scripting and formatting documents.
And you get LIFETIME access. You can review and use as many times as
you like and at your leisure.
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I will identify and breakdown into simple components a selling process by defining the structure, identifying the tools and key strategies to improve sales results.


  • Sales Audit– Identify and focus on key prospects and customers
  • A Qualification Funnel – To provide accurate Account and Prospect Ranking
  • Sales Pipeline Development
  • Word and Script Development – The appropriate words to accounts/prospects along a structured selling pipeline
  • Building a CRM. (Customer Relationship Management Tool)
  • Selling tools and specific strategies (cold calls, voice mail, etc.)
  • Objection and Questioning
  • Additional Resources

What you will receive:

  • A structure that you can implement immediately
  • How you can build or repair an existing foundation
  • Tools to better manage activities and define next steps
  • Works for One or for a team
  • See account/prospects “stucks” and take corrective action
  • Ability to identify areas of future skills improvement

Sales Tools

  • Building an effective Elevator statement and Value Proposition
  • Scripting and Structure Outline and sample scripts
  • Spreadsheets Account Management for Importing into a CRM
  • Spreadsheet for weekly metrics reporting and management
  • 50 Probing Outline with open ended questions
  • Pipeline and Ranking outline
  • Note outline of the presentation

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Bob Davis is the founder and president of simple.sales strategy in Austin, TX providing effective sales training and support to small and medium size businesses and individuals by building an effective, simple and proven systematic sales process that is scalable, sustainable and sane.
He can be reached at 512.658.9500 or

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