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Sales success and growth depends on meaningful consistent contact with prospects and customers, strong messaging, creative selling techniques, engaged management, addition of value added services and continuous improvement of process and ideas.

Direct on-site consulting that delivers a measurable, simple and sustainable sales plan that focuses your sales team on new and existing business through a structured sales pipeline. We deliver the ability to target management of accounts, prospects and sales reps creating accountability and a common language to improve performance. In addition we build scripts, value propositions, objection handling, probing questions and address communication strategies. With a plan we can do the sales training that takes in account the individual’s challenges and train accordingly.

simple.sales.strategy follows three simple building blocks

Discovery – Audit of Current Process

In a team workshop we “unbundle” the current process to determine what is working and what we can improve on. This “brainstorm” is creative and structured, identifying current best practices and scripts as well as outlining for the sales team a structure for managing prospects, opportunities and time management. Many of the components of the process are identified in this area and we start to develop the base structure for an elevator statement, value proposition, call scripts, probing questions and objection handling.

Foundation – Building a Sustainable Sales Process

Based on the work in the discovery, we create a measurable, simple and sustainable sales process that focuses sales professionals on prospects and accounts through a structured pipeline and ranking. We address and build scripts, value propositions, objection handling, probing questions and email templates. This allows targeted management of accounts and sales professionals creating a means and common language to improve performance and toward meeting the needs of your most valuable assets; you’re customers, potential customers and your employees.

Manage & Motivate

Scheduled accountability and communication as your partner supports all of the work above. Having developed performance metrics allows us to take immediate corrective action when required and to develop a plan for continuous improvement. We will practice and encourage, develop new ideas, create a sense of purpose, have some fun and share the successes of an effective sales team.

No Risk – No Cost

If you feel that you could benefit from my sales consulting, please email or call me and provide me with some information on your company. I would welcome the opportunity to do some preliminary research and schedule a no risk – no cost meeting to help us both determine if I can add value to your business.

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Bob Davis is the founder and president of simple.sales strategy in Austin, TX providing effective sales training and support to small and medium size businesses and individuals by building an effective, simple and proven systematic sales process that is scalable, sustainable and sane.
He can be reached at 512.658.9500 or

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