Well!! A little strong you might think? Is it really? That sound is your hard dollars going right out the window. Here is another great sales training idea – lets provide that training when your prospects are buying and then we can add the cost of lost opportunity to the sales training and get an even better sound!

Now I don’t want to get carried away here, there are a lot of great sales training “systems” out there and they work. For a while. That is the problem, the  “for a while“. How about a solution then? In order to offer that up I need to ask a few questions about your sales team.

  • Which rep knows what a valuable prospect looks like?
  • Who is your best appointment getter?
  • Who manages their time efficiently?
  • Which rep makes the best presentation?
  • Who has the deepest product knowledge?
  • Which rep can build “value based solutions” beyond the price?
  • Who can build rapport easily?
  • Who is your best closer?
  • Who nurtures and grows accounts?

If you were to take your top rep and grade her on the abilities above, I would bet that she executes them all really well. Some she might like doing, others not, but she does them. So the answer.

Manage your leads and accounts so you can identify the specific weakness or weaknesses, train and coach your sales team on the individual areas of improvement.

It is that simple. That is how you can make your sales training dollars work. The only way to know this is to measure activity in a defined pipeline or stage. Building a sales pipeline and measuring the results gives you the information that will allow you to improve results for everyone on your sales team and the ability to provide solid sales training. When you see a “choke” in the funnel, get them help -provide specific training and direction. It does not cost a lot of money or demand a lot of your resources. In fact the internet alone can provide great tools to point them in the right direction. Consider one of the methods to get this information to you via the TRAINING tab, taking me up on one hour free consulting  or leverage my downloadable sales plan below.

Measure and Manage. Simple and Sustainable Improvement.

If you don’t have a Simple Sales Plan that works consider purchasing my low cost ($149.00) 100 % GUARANTEED Training Video with all the tools, sales plan templates you need to execute for yourself or a sales team.

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a simple sales plan