Sales NETWORKING Breakfast

Austin Sales Professionals Networking Breakfast
– FREE –

1st and 3rd Tuesday Mornings

Network Breakfast Meeting for Austin Sales Professionals.

A Network Group for sales professionals in the Austin Market looking to exchange information, express views and share their insights on selling strategies, CRM, marketing trends, sales process and technology.
We meet through the Austin Sales Professionals MeetUp Group.


We meet at 7:45 and have a hard start at 8:00AM.
Our Structure is below.

 1. Intro (Elevator)– 15 to 30 seconds (max) on who you are, what you do. Clean, concise. And great practice.
2. Ask – Something you need. A referral or service.
3. Connect for “give” to shared at the end of the meeting
4. Pass to the next Member
All share and then floor is open to share a:
5. Best Practice – Something you learned or best practice during the last two weeks that worked or didn’t (!) from a sales perspective —- and /or
6. “Stuck” – Share a “Stuck” where we collectively can work to solve a sales issue, problem or account where you are “stuck”.
7. Give – one on one post meeting interaction

Please join and be notified of all future events as well as… the free and fun stuff!

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Connect with me

Bob Davis is the founder and president of simple.sales strategy in Austin, TX providing effective sales training and support to small and medium size businesses and individuals by building an effective, simple and proven systematic sales process that is scalable, sustainable and sane.
He can be reached at 512.658.9500 or


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