It is no surprise with a strong economy here in Austin and an unemployment rate under 3% that one of the most pressing issues I am hearing from SMB Owners is hiring good people. Specifically in my case… good sales people.

In a previous post Hiring Your Next Sales KNUCKLEHEAD! I talk about how you might go about that, but now I turn my attention to another way to generate additional revenue and maybe more importantly, the right type of revenue. Revenue with higher margins. (Also see Fire Your Clients!! for a simple plan).

So to the point of this. I am hearing a lot, “Bob, can you find hire a good sales rep”, “How do I take the risk out of hiring a salesperson” and my favorite “I need a real Hunter!”… like they grow on trees!

Here is an idea.
Squeeze more juice from your current fruit basket!

Instead of investing in a high risk, high cost sales hire consider investing in creating a scalable and sustainable sales plan that provides you with the data to increase activity, coach effectively, drive compliance and accountability, protect the value of your marketing leads, maintain and improve on sales retention and increase margin with equal or lower overall labor costs.

The solution is to define a process and plan that shows you how to leverage your team’s time, your team’s skills and their energy. What you measure gets done!

I know it works because I do this all day long for my clients and I deliver a very high ROI. While most SMB have some core metrics, most lack a system to track a lead or target down a clearly defined funnel. This is the only way you can take corrective action and more importantly determine steps for continuous improvement to squeeze more juice out of your existing team and pipeline. This provides a plan for Sales Balance and proper tactical training based on an individual’s skill development needs.

And all boats rise on an incoming tide!
Go HERE for details.

If you are a Small to Medium B to B Business owner with an under-performing sales team, call me at 512 658 9500 or email at I will trade an hour of my time for an hour of yours to get under the covers. No cost. If you hire me, great. If not, we have made a new friend.

If you are an independent sales person or Selling Owner consider my virtual simple and sustainable sales plan. I use a simple outline of a Sales Discovery, a Sales Foundation Build and a Coach + Manage Plan. Includes all tools including a simple sales plan template to organize your targets.

Very simple. Very flat. Very sustainable. And most of all very, very SANE!
No tricks, no long term commitments, no manipulation. 90 minutes to review. 4 hours max to set up.
Use forever.

You can learn this simple and sustainable sales plan with a $149.00 investment and 90 minutes of your time.
If you don’t think it was worth it, I will refund your money 100%, no questions asked.

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