One of the questions I receive most often during a Q&A after a public presentation is “What do I do when my Prospect goes “Dark”.  I’m very practical. My system sales system (a simple sales plan) is very practical. So here are four simple and practical ways to deal with the situation.

The three stages during the sales cycle where typically targets get stuck are.
(For more detail on sales staging see a simple sales plan)

  1. A solid sales call where you are now trying to set an appointment.
  2. After a presentation where you looking to advance the relationship.
  3. After a proposal is presented and you are awaiting a decision.

Here are some suggestions on what you can do.

1. Don’t let them go dark in the first place.
In each of the sales stages above you need to get “buy in”, some type of reciprocal agreement tied to a deadline. This can be a sample, a budget, a facility tour, etc., anything where you have asked your prospect to act. Remember you are invested. If they are going to be a good client and you created enough value. they should be willing act.

2. Strengthen your Pipeline
The more deals you have in the pipeline, the less important each deal is. When my pipeline is strong there are more opportunities, more profitability and income. And less stress! So how do you strengthen your pipeline without working 60 hours a week? Work smarter. If you have a systemized sales strategy and process you will have less targets but better targets deeper in the pipeline more often. It’s not a numbers game, it’s about the quality of your targets, not the quantit

3.Offer them a “Carrot” or a “Stick”
If they are currently unresponsive you need to create some call to action. This can be a “Carrot”, something that will be a sweetener; better terms, volume discount, new product offering, bundled pricing, etc. Or it can be a “Stick”; price increase, deadline to deliver or order materials, recent limitation on capacity, etc. In general, I prefer the :Stick”.

4. Stay Persistent – Don’t quit too soon
If they are a highly qualified target (see # 2 above), don’t give up. Most reps quit too early. Stay in touch with articles of business or personal interest, opportunities to connect socially, product updates, etc. Remember if they are well qualified, you are invested. Stay in the game. You will know when it is time to quit.

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